You Need Unitech Aluminum Hybrid Windows!

February 1, 2019 3:18 pm

Enjoy the combination of 3 reliable and durable materials by installing aluminum hybrid windows. Aluminum hybrid windows are a premium alternative to vinyl windows. These windows are made from a rigid PVC frame, incorporating aluminum extrusions for the exterior side and joining the interior together. You get the best of both worlds – the aesthetics and durability of aluminum combined with the energy efficiency of hybrid and PVC. Keep reading to learn more about each material.


Aluminum is very durable and aesthetically pleasing. It allows for slim frames, that are often prized in architecture because they make windows appear larger and add more sunlight to your home. They’re low maintenance and resistant to rust, shrinking and the heat of the sun, regardless of the colour of the frame. The frames are usually available in many shades including white, brown and khaki.


Hybrid windows are made with aluminum on the outer shell and the warmth of PVC on the inside. These windows are made to perform better and last longer than most and will save you money the long-term. Hybrid is long lasting and reduces your overall heating and cooling bills as they are designed to provide maximum sealing and unmatched weather protection, which is especially ideal for large openings. The hybrid material provides exceptional noise abatement, ultimately increasing the overall comfort of your home. They come with an unlimited colour choice of standard metallic or other finishes when paired with aluminum.


PVC provides remarkable insulation – it’s what make the windows so energy efficient. The PVC on the inside is overlaid with aluminum on the outside, in order to combine the effects of both materials and gain the most client satisfaction. This material is extremely resistant to rough weather conditions and has the ability to reduce energy and heating costs. PVC is incredibly strong, long lasting and stands out because of its resistance to distortion. The best part about PVC is that its recyclable and therefore resource-saving and more beneficial for the environment.

Combining these materials will ensure a high-quality, long lasting window. They’re an excellent investment and will save you money on replacements and maintenance. If you’re interested in learning more about aluminum hybrid windows and you want them installed in your home, call your professionals at Unitech so you can the job done seamlessly!