Picture & Transoms Windows

You can’t beat these for the best view going! They look great, too. Come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be customized to any taste.They can also be combined with other windows, such as Casement and Awning windows, to create an elegant expanse of glass and achieve a higher level of architectural sophistication.


  • Fusion-welded frame corners add strength and prevent air infiltration.
  • The multi-chambered design increases insulation value, adds strength, improves drainage and prevents condensation.
  • Interior glazing system with the co-extruded flexible seal on the sash to eliminate leaks.
  • Drainage channels located on the exterior frame so they don’t spoil the view from the interior.
  • 3/4” insulated double-strength glass with ultra dual warm edge seal for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Graceful Low Profile design and narrow frame create a distinctive look and maximize glass space.
  • High Profile frame made to match our Casement and Awning windows for design and operational versatility.