Bay & Bow Windows

Bay Windows – a combination of three fixed and or operating windows, joined together at either 30º or 45º. Come with a wide selection of accessories and grille options. A bay window is a practical and aesthetical addition to a house. The addition of a Bay window creates a dynamic new dimension to a room as well as providing options when airing the room. This is a lovely way to open your home to the outdoors without feeling the negative effect of the wind blowing straight in the room. Also the bay window sill can be used as a mini solarium.


  • Bow feature four or more picture or casement panels arranged in gentle curve.
  • Ventilating units add function to the window without distracting from the element design.
  • Bow windows have a certain appeal, as do Bay windows. It’s basically a personal preference which of the two window designs would look best in your home.