Sophisticated and Stylish Architectural Windows from Unitech!

June 25, 2019 9:28 am

Are you looking for new ways to spice up the look of your home? If so, then start by replacing your windows with architectural windows from Unitech. The term architectural windows refers to the process of recreating a traditional-style window to fit the architectural design of any home. Most homeowners invest in these windows so they can preserve the historic and timeless look of their home, while ensuring that they receive a good quality product. At Unitech, we offer these windows in a nearly unlimited range of shapes and sizes, that are only limited by your imagination!

Below are some of the many window shapes available at Unitech.


Triangle shaped architectural windows can be very versatile. Sometimes, homeowners purchase them as a fixed window, situated in places like a washroom, where you wouldn’t want people to see through but you still want to enjoy the natural light. Other times, you can opt for a large triangular window and pair it with other shapes. For instance, the window can be divided by making it fixed at all the corners, and in the middle, you can choose to make it operable by including a few rectangular slider windows. This way, you let natural light and air inside your home, while maintaining a sleek, modern look.

Rectangular + a Half Round

Pairing 2 window shapes together will add uniqueness to your home. The rectangle and half round combined together is a classic look! One way to do this is by investing in a triple mulled, double hung window with an eyebrow transom. This means you can have 3 rectangular windows placed directly beside each other, with both sashes in each window being operable. On top of these windows, you can place one half round (also known as the eyebrow transom), to bring it altogether and create a distinctive shape. The half-round window can stay inoperable, with its main function being to add more style and light into the home.


The eyebrow window will be similar to the one listed above, except simpler. For a modern home, this sleek modern window can be shaped as a traditional rectangle, with the top protruding out like a semicircle. This window will remain fixed instead of operable, and can be styled with grids to add a more unique touch!

Pentagon + Trapezoid

If you decide to purchase single or double hung rectangular windows, then you can make them look even better by combining them with a trapezoid or pentagon shaped fixed window on top. One way to do this is by placing 3 rectangular single or double hung windows beside each other. Then, make the 2 fixed windows on each end trapezoid shaped with the points going higher and inwards, while the one in the middle is standing taller and pentagon shaped. This will create a cohesive look.


A simple almond shaped window is classic and elegant. You can customize this window and make it stand out more by including a simple grid, so one line on the window is horizontal and the other is vertical.

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At Unitech, we provide a multitude of window shapes to choose from, with a wide variety of grilles and window designs available to suit the style of any home. Visit us today so we can provide you with our expert opinion and help you add elegance, style and sophistication to your home, with our stunning architectural windows.