It’s Time to Purchase New Windows from Unitech!

February 21, 2019 12:17 pm

A customer asked us, “do you think I need new windows?” We responded, you needed new windows 10 years ago, why live this way for? Window maintenance is important in order to ensure that your windows are still doing their job. With a simple inspection, it’s easy to determine the problem and decide whether or not they need a replacement or repairs. Even if you have the best quality windows, they won’t last forever. Their longevity can vary depending on weather conditions in your area and personal maintenance, however most good quality windows will last approximately 15-20 years. Below are some signs to determine if you need to visit Unitech and replace or repair your windows!

Draft Test

Find out if cold air is coming into your house and from what area of the window its coming from. Drafts can result from installation issues or hardware problems, so its important to determine where the issue is coming from. If you live in an older home, you will likely have single pane windows. Today, windows are made with double or triple pane glass because single pane are drafty and sometimes unsafe. Drafts can also occur when a window can’t shut properly because of a broken locking mechanism. A broken window lock isn’t only a potential security issue, but it could also be the reason cold air is in your home. All it takes is a visit to Unitech to select a new window and fix this issue.

Inspect Caulking Outside of the Window

Check to make sure you don’t have a broken seal on your window in order to avoid heat loss in your home. Caulking is typically one of the first components to deteriorate, which is why it should be applied often around the perimeter of your window. With little patience, you can easily fix this problem.

Check How the Window is Operating

If you’re having trouble opening or closing your window, then that’s an obvious sign that it’s time for a new one. When the cranks, handles and latches stop working, it will impact the effectiveness of your window. One reason your windows aren’t as strong anymore is due to the temperature changes. Changes in temperature can cause materials to contract and expand, changing the fit of the operable sashes. Also, moisture can often rust and break down the moving hardware, which means a new window is essential.

Check on Your Window Frames

Make sure you’re paying close attention to the corners and joints of your window frames, those areas usually endure the most damage. Changes in temperature can induce warping and deterioration, especially in older windows.

Look Through the Glass

Once you notice that the glass is broken or cracked, the window definitely isn’t sufficient anymore and the issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. At Unitech, we have windows that are durable, flexible, low maintenance and cost-efficient windows that can fix this problem with ease. We will provide you with properly sealed panes to ensure high energy efficiency. If it gets to the point where condensation is on the inner side of the glazing, this also means that it’s time for a replacement. For newer windows, we can often just replace the sash, but for older ones, the whole window must go.

Increase on Energy Bill

Have you noticed a significant increase on your energy bill? If so, there’s a good chance that the problem is your windows. With older windows especially, they often lack proper installation, which may be forcing your heat and air conditioning to work harder. Check if this is an issue by standing next to your window and seeing if its cooler than the rest of your room. If you discover that the glass is cold, then you’re likely wasting energy. Unitech provides energy efficient windows that will allow you to easily avoid this issue.

Whether an installation issue or a problem with hardware, try not to neglect the condition of your windows. Moisture, air leakage, and bad insulation are not only increasing your energy bills, if left unattended they can cause rotting and further problems in the structure of your home.

Never neglect the condition of your windows. Without window maintenance, you increase the potential for rotting and higher energy bills. Don’t let moisture, air leakage and poor installation cost you more money, a simple visit to Unitech can fix your window issues. Choose from a variety of energy efficient, strong windows and let us install them for you! Give us a call today.