Exterior Vinyl Window Colours at Unitech

April 25, 2019 9:23 am

Are you looking for ways to boost your curb appeal? If so, then consider replacing your windows this spring with some new colours that’ll make your home stand out! At Unitech, there are no limitations when it comes to colour. We have 40 standard colours to choose from, plus you can request custom colours if you’d prefer to have other options! Below are some ways you can use exterior window colours to give your home a stunning appearance.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours typically boost curb appeal, especially if you live around a lot of greenery with plants and trees surrounding your home. Common neutral colours include warm taupe, gray hues and cream. At Unitech, we have a variety of neutrals to choose from including maize, cashmere, sandstone, brownstone, tan and more! Any of these colours would look great paired with white or a very dark shade.

Light & Dark Blue

If you want blue window frames, then consider either selecting light or dark shades. Blue is a cool colour that’s known for providing people with a calm feeling. That’s why this colour is a common favourite! However, if you’re choosing blue, we recommend for the most appealing look that you select a grayish blue or dark blue because it will provide your home with a crisp look. At Unitech, a popular colour is wedgewood blue. This is often paired with homes that have a lot of white or light grey on the exterior. Pairing this with light colours will definitely make the blue stand out more!

Greens & Browns

Shades of greens and browns are a popular choice because they blend in nicely with a home and its surroundings. Choosing dark greens is what’s most trendy! For your green window frames to stand out, pair them with red, brown or white. Some ways you can do this is by including plants or flowers. This will also work if the exterior of your home contains a lot of white or cream. Avoid using pure red or green if you choose this colour combination, stick to other shades. Some popular colours clients choose from at Unitech are windswept smoke, sable, forest green, venetian red, nutmeg and brownstone.

White & Black

For a classic exterior, homes with a lot of white or off white would benefit from including black accents by investing in black window frames. Pairing black and white together on a home creates a stunning contrast!

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