Architectural Windows

We offer architectural windows in a nearly unlimited range of shapes and sizes to match the style of your home. Your choices in architectural windows are limited only by your imagination. You can combine architectural windows with other products or they can be used by themselves.


We offer different of standard sizes in a multitude of shapes, including half rounds, quarter rounds, gothic, ellipticals, segmentals, arch, oval, extended shapes, geometric shapes and many more. Also, choose from a wide variety of standard grilles and window designs or we can custom build one for you. No matter how you use them, they are sure to add a dramatic flair to your home.

Architectural Window

Sandstone PVC combo with raised segment

Architectural Window
Architectural Window

Casement with extended arch colour: Clay

Architectural Window

Casement S.D.L. and custom wrought iron arch

Architectural Window

Oval Shaped Window – 24″ x 36″

Architectural Window

Gothic shaped window

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